The Fellowship of Barnabas Partners is composed of Houston-area business and community leaders who want to use their experiences, skills, and passions to help local nonprofits thrive.

What Sets Us Apart?

With your limited time, you want to know from the get-go what makes this community unique.

Strategic Focus

We focus on meeting strategic ministry needs rather than financial needs.

Deep Engagement

We engage with local ministries over time, getting to know their leadership, strengths, needs, and unique mission.

Effective Preparation

We prepare ourselves for more effective nonprofit work through issue-specific meetings.

Why Join the Fellowship?

FBP is the premier network in Houston where business, community, and ministry leaders can regularly interact. Becoming a Partner, Advising Partner, or Sponsoring Partner supports our encouraging and educational efforts, benefiting for business leaders and nonprofit organizations. Members of the Fellowship at the Advising or Sponsoring level can present a ministry to the rest of the group: ask for advice, detail a success story, tell how God transformed professional skills for Kingdom impact.

What Can Partners Expect?

FBP’s quarterly meetings include a delicious breakfast, an encouraging devotional, an expert presentation of unique needs of the nonprofit sector, and application of that content to local Houston ministries. You’ll leave each meeting inspired and better prepared to honor God as you serve the ministries that He has brought your way.
Fellowship of Barnabas Partners helps Christian marketplace leaders help nonprofits.
Fellowship of Barnabas Partners is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian 501c3 exempt organization.
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