The Barnabas Difference

With your limited time, you want to know from the get-go what makes this community unique.

Geographically Focused

We work with nonprofits that are ministering right here in Houston. This allows us to synergize our efforts, do site visits, and meet face-to-face with leaders and constituents.

Longitudinally Committed

We stay connected with the same group of nonprofits over time (1-2 years). Doing this means we really understand the inner workings of each organization and can see the application and results of our interactions.

Thematically Structured

Each quarterly Barnabas Gathering is organized around a particular issue, a singular way that nonprofits differ from for-profits. We learn from a content expert and hear the reflections of the nonprofits in the room.

Personally Beneficial

We offer immediate and practical help for Partners wanting to better serve nonprofits. At each Barnabas Gathering, Partners gain information that is useful in their individual service contexts, and connections made with others in the room bear fruit between meetings.

Financially Accessible

With two Partnership tiers and both monthly and annual payment options, everyone finds an affordable way to Partner with us.
Fellowship of Barnabas Partners helps Christian marketplace leaders help nonprofits.
Fellowship of Barnabas Partners is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian 501c3 exempt organization.
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